Company Profile

MANGRINOX SA was established in 1964 as a technical and commercial company. Over the years, MANGRINOX SA has developed into one of the biggest and most important companies in its field, due to its extensive clientele base, and the large-sized stock it maintains.

MANGRINOX SA is active in the following industrial fields of commerce, details about which you can find in our web site:

1. Traveling Cranes – Lifting Equipment
2. Warehousing & Materials Handling Equipment
3. Power Transmission
4. Rubber Lining
5. Equipment for Solar Systems
6. Bulk Weighing and Monitoring Solutions

MANGRINOX SA has 30 employees and three (3) spacious warehouses in Athens, Piraeus, and Thessalonica with a total floor space of 3,500 square meters, thus being eminently capable of serving and meeting its customers’ needs.

The company’s policy is to provide its customers with products and services that meet their requirements. MANGRINOX SA, has been certified with the international quality system EN ISO 9001:2000. Our intention is to keep MANGRINOX SA among the leading companies in the fields of its activity, by continuing to provide reliable products and staying top choice in our customers’ preference list.

Next to the ex-stock business, MANGRINOX SA represents leading foreign firms on commission basis, specializing in the following fields within heavy industry:

*Cement Producing Equipment
*Chain Bucket Elevators
*Rotary Packers, Paletizers and Wrapping Machines
*Oil-free Blowers and Compressors
*Clinker Storing and Conveying Equipment
*Air Pollution Control Systems
*Dosing and Weighing
*Screw Conveyors, Rotary Valves and Flat-Slide Valves